Next Stop: Stainless Steel Pool!

It’s been an interesting week or so…

Work finished up on the Chester Smokehouse a fortnight ago and I’ve been grateful to get back into the calm, serenity of my workshop.

After a busy two weeks spent in the company of some wonderfully talented tradesmen, its almost a little strange to be back inside working by myself once more. Where once there was a tinny radio blasting whatever pop song was gaining traction at the time, now all I have is silence. After so much time spent working with other people, I’ve started to feel a little lonely, with no one here to talk to.

When I first established my firm, I had the initial plan of expanding my business so that I wouldn’t spend the entirety of my working life alone. However, once I’d got myself into my relatively cosy workshop, I found that the amount of work coming in was more than enough for me to handle by myself. Over my formative years as a business owner, I’d developed all the requisite skills needed to keep my finances in order. Writing up invoices, billing clients, doing my taxes – all of these things seemed like impossible tasks when I first started out – now these come as second-nature to me.

As much as I’d rather not have to bury myself in paperwork each night after work, it would seem like an unnecessary luxury to start paying someone else to fill out my forms for me.

After finishing two big jobs recently, the Chester Smokehouse and a young couple’s flat the week before, I’m happy to say that I’ve just about finished getting through my stack of work. When you work for yourself everything must be accounted for. That includes any money you spend on fuel, the materials that you use in the space of the project as well a detailed time she accounting for the tasks that you undertake whilst you’re onsite.

Just as soon as I finished, the phone was ringing again and it looked like I was back in business.

The next project puts me a little out of my comfort zone. I usually work inside: joinery, stairs, work counters, however my name had been put forward to assist with an ambitious outside pool construction. Swimming pools could not be further outside of my knowledge base. Still, I’m not the kind of person to back down from a challenge and, luckily, I’ll have some help on hand thanks to an experienced fitting company who have decided to use Paramount Pools Stainless Steel Pools.

The plan for the construction is deceptively simple.

The client is looking for a heated pool, utilising the steel from Paramount, in addition to locally sourced wood from myself. The idea is to seamlessly integrate the wooden decking of a small changing hut, already built, with a path leading to the poolside. The wood blocks, which must be fully proofed and smoothed before being laid down, will penetrate deep into the ground, providing the sides of the stainless steel pool with more support, as well as lending the whole build a more natural feel.

It looks like I’m going to be inundated with paperwork again pretty soon – wish me luck!