The POP! collection by Pop! Inc., the popular party toy of children and adults alike, has been one of the leading collectible toy lines available on the market today. In addition to their favorite vinyl figurines, POP! Also offers an assortment of party accessories, including everything from table to floor length inflatables, which could be added to any birthday or party theme.


Funko POP! Began as a very small nostalgia toymaker way back in the early 90s, but quickly grew to a massive, expanding line of characters, with much more fun additions, like yoda, hamsters, and candy themed collectibles. POP! Vinyl figures encompass just about every popular pop culture property around now, including: Barbie, Bob the Builder, Diego, The Breakfast Club, Finding Nemo, The Harry Potter series, Kung Fu, Mego, Scooby-Doo, Funko Bulbasaur, and much more. There are also many movie-related items, including the ever-popular Pop! Figurine of Han Solo and Princess Leia, as well as several collectible Star Wars ships and figures.


POP! Figurines of Han Solo are no exception, and many of them have been highly prized collector’s items, appreciated by friends and family for ages. One specific example is the Han Solo Premium Figure, which was made by Pop! Creator Eric Johnson and became very popular very quickly. The Premium Figure is an oversized action figure of the famed actor, sporting all of his iconic equipment, such as the classic belt buckle, blue jacket, tan pants, and of course, the ever-recognizable Star Wars emblem. Other great Han Solo products incorporate a blast box packaging of the movie, which includes an extra CD. An all in one collector’s package with the premium figurine and other things, including a poster, is available at most outlets.

funko pop


The Pop! line also includes some very cool figurine collectors items. Two specific characters that are remarkably popular among POP! collectors are Spider-Man and Bucky the stuffing dog. Both these superheroes can be found in a number of different styles, from the traditional comic book style, to a deluxe edition with special art and backgrounds.


Another fantastic addition to the Pop! collection is Bucky the stuffing dog! This cute figurine was inspired by the popular children’s TV series, aired in the 1990s, and contains a lot of the very same characteristics as his comic book counterpart. He’s dressed in his favorite sweater and has a bluish color scheme that’s rather similar to that of the comic book hero, while also featuring small details such as a celebrity or his trademark body fettuccine.


Needless to say, none of this could be possible without the amazing Spider-Man himself! Peter Parker is an essential part of the story, and seeing as how he appeared in two of the greatest movies of the year, both The Amazing Spider-Man and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it’s quite fitting that this figure should also appear in a fantastic piece of collectible super-art. His web-swinging action figure is highly stylized and has a number of different pose variations. A number of these contain his trademark mask. The deluxe edition also comes with an additional bonus feature – a sit-down mirror for a really dramatic pose!


Among the most popular figures in the complete Funko Pop! line is the villain, Electro. Electro is perhaps the oddest of the crowd, looking much like the comic book hero, but with a twist. Instead of shooting webs, he snaps power cords, and instead of webbing through his way, he fires small bolts of lightning from his palms. This erratic style gives Electro a somewhat gory look, which is part of what makes this terrific figurine so fun to add to any Marvel or Spider-Man collection.


No collection of Funko Pop! Toys will be complete without the adorable Baby Groovy. Taking her place in the Marvel Universe after she had been left alone in the next installment of the awesome Spider-Man movie, Baby Groovy includes all of the standard movie features of an adorable little girl: sharp features, soft fabric material, and a cute little yellow headband. She stands about three inches tall and comes packaged in an adorable little red dress.