Refurbishment Well Underway!

Work has finally begun on Richard and Sienna’s little terraced home.

For the last week I’ve been driving a 30-mile (!) commute out to Llangollen where a young couple are in the midst of transforming their run-down terrace property, their first ever purchase, into their very own little slice of heaven.

In addition to getting some help from my long time friends at Allerton Windows, I’ve now also been joined by a whole host of other tradespeople.

There’s a great deal of work to be done across the property and now that our deadlines are quickly approaching, its all getting a little tense and sweary in here. I usually spend most of my time in the workshop, so it was initially a bit of a culture shock to be surrounded by so many new people – all jostling for space. I’m not sure if Sienna is planning any lavish dinner parties any time soon, but she might want to consider cutting down the amount of people she wants to invite – there’s not too much space in here.

Progress on my side is at least plodding along at a good pace.

Thankfully, I had a good fortnight before I could get into the property to start the work, that gave me plenty of time to have a close look at their specifications and get to grips with the space that was being afforded to me. Their kitchen was one of the rooms that needed the most attention. Before I got in to construct and fine-detail their bespoke breakfast bar, the floor had to be completely re-tiled and the walls also needed plastering.

When I first walked through the house, after the young couple had just got the keys, they were most apprehensive about the kitchen. A rather cramped affair, it was afforded the illusion of space thanks to sliding doors leading through to the modest back garden and an open plan. The room had great potential, however there had been a small fire, made by the previous owners, that had ravaged the walls and ceiling. No structural damage had been done, but the plaster had been burned away, exposing the brick underneath. Although the young couple were briefly tempted to pull off the rest of the plaster to reveal the rest of the brickwork, they considered the work involved and decided against it.

I barely recognised the room when I walked in on Monday.

The plasterers had done a fantastic job of smoothing over the walls and the whole space, which had once felt cramped and dirty, now held a comfortable, clean ambience. The construction of the breakfast bar didn’t take too long. Before the tilers came in, I’d had the chance to etch out the space that was required by the bar, so it was simply a job of slotting in the pieces and finishing the construction.

Today, I spent most of my time working on some fine detailing. The couple were keen for the bar to feel a part of the kitchen, not some alien object that had just been dropped in to the space. As such, I’ve been carving some elaborate mandala patterns into the bar and continuing them onto the skirting boards and cupboards adjacent to it – seamlessly integrating the bar with the rest of the kitchen.

It won’t be long before Richard and Sienna will be able to move in and I wish them the best of luck!