New Year – New Website!

It’s taken me along enough – but I’m finally online!

Us carpenters are an old fashioned bunch.

Talk to most of us about advertising and we’ll point to the stack of phone directories piled up next to the front door. Our workshops are usually tucked far away from prying eyes, allowing us to get to work in piece without the interruptions of pesky customers! Of course, there comes a time when all old dogs must learn some new tricks. The 21st Century might have many answers to the problems of the past and mechanisation may be threatening thousands of jobs in the future – but people will always be in need for a man handy with a chisel and hammer.

Of course, sometimes people just need reminding that we exist. Large-scale manufacturers like Ikea have made low-budget, mass produced furniture that not only appeals to a large swathe of tastes but is also extremely affordable. The synergy between their individual product lines allows customers to spend a couple of hours in a store and leave with an entire room’s worth of furniture and bric-a-brac. The popularity of these outlets cannot be understated, for many people it is the only option when considering furniture or wood design options.

However, there is a growing resurgence in carpentry thanks to members of our fraternity taking to social media platforms.

One of the benefits of working in an industry such as ours is that good, inventive wood work is something that can be appreciated by anyone. A chair, carefully made and ornately carved is a thing of beauty that any person can appreciate. The only barrier between more people appreciating the outstanding work of the World’s carpentry community is the individual carpenter’s internet literacy.

I went to school at a point in time when computers were still considered a vaguely mysterious and powerful tool. We were all aware that they would probably facilitate future technologies with the tools needed to do great things, we just didn’t really understand how they worked. I’m the kind of geezer who adamantly fears change. When clients or family friends asked me if I had a website I would answer abruptly: ‘No – why would I? I’m a carpenter, if you want some work done then give me a call!’ Of course my gruff response would always be put in place to hide my blind ignorance of anything related to technology or the internet.

For a decade I’d prided myself on being a practical man, the antidote to the preening modern man, whose smart phone is as precious as his strong hand.

Now, however, it was time to join them, or at least attempt to. I bought my first computer as a Christmas present to myself at the end of last year and spent the break learning how to use it.

This website is the first step in the right direction for myself, a carpenter with a self-professed internet-based phobia. Now my virtual shop window is setup, I’ll be able to update it with pictures of my jobs and work in progress.

Most importantly, I’ll be able to connect with thousands of potential clients who definitely wouldn’t have found me in the Yellow Pages.