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Who is MD Finney?

Mark David Finney is a carpenter and cabinet maker who has a decade’s worth of experience in woodwork. Coming from the old school of carpentry, he began journey in woodwork classes in school. Finding that he had a natural affinity with carving, he began to spend more time working with wood until his parents noticed his passion and found him an apprenticeship with a local carpenter.

What kind of work have you done before?

Mark began working as an apprentice in a small carpentry firm. Mainly working on furniture construction and finishing, his attention to detail can be seen on hundreds of solid unique pieces resting in homes all around Britain. After progressing through the 4 requisite years of training, he began working towards the rank of Journeyman Carpenter. Taking his leave of his original firm, he started out on his own in 2003 and began working on home design projects.

Can I be a part of the design process?

Part of the joy of the design process is collaborating with other people. Mark enjoys sharing ideas and spending time working on designs before hitting the woodwork. If you have an idea, whether it’s fully formed or still in development, Mark can find a way of realising it in a practical way so that you can bring your idea to life all the sooner and in a cost effective manner.

Is there a limit to how big the job can be?

Mark has worked on big home projects, including bespoke floors and wall panels. Although hisĀ forte lies in furniture design, he has had experience with larger scale joinery jobs as well making his design talents wide-reaching. If he designs a project that is outside of his abilities he has a catalogue of trusted professionals who can aid him in the building process.

What areas do you work in?

MD Finney covers the entirety of England, Wales and Scotland. Using all the benefits of modern technology, including conference calling and cloud sharing, it has become easier than ever to collaborate on designs and deliver a product – no matter the distance.

What kind of tools do you use to work?

Although Mark has experience working with heavy machinery, he prefers to stick to the traditional tools of the carpenter’s trade.

Is the wood you source sustainable?

The kind of wood, it’s quality and source, can be completely dictated by you. Certain types of wood are useful for particular jobs – so Mark will always have a professional recommendation. As far as sourcing goes, sustainable wood is always Mark’s preferred choice.

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