Complete House Renovation with Allerton Windows

The first big project of the year is here and it’s so sizeable that I’ve had to call in help!

It’s not often that I get to work alongside other people, in fact it’s not often that I get to leave the security of my workshop.

My day-to-day work mostly consists of flitting between bespoke design work and tinkering around in the workshop. In the comfort of my little space, sandwiched between a glass blowers and potter’s studio, I’m nicely insulated from the outside world, allowing me to get on with my work with little interference. Working hours that suit me, around 8-5 most days of the week, I often get completely lost in my own little routines and habits – forgetting to even feed myself at times.

However, all this changes when I’m forced out of the workshop and into the glaring sunlight of the outside world.

Now that I’ve pitched myself online, I’m getting a great deal more enquiries than I used to. This is obviously good news, it feels good to be in demand and I’m happy that the time I spent over the Christmas break setting up the site is finally paying off.

One of the jobs that came through, just a few days into the New Year, caught my eye and jumped to the top of my agenda. A young couple with plenty of capital at their disposal had recently bought their first home together. Like many young professionals, they’d grafted hard to scrape together the money for their home, but still had to make compromises in terms of the state of the property. They had a vision of what the house could become, but in order for this to become a reality they needed some professional help.

House renovations always intrigue me.

The notion of taking something old, battered and relatively useless and turning it into a personal, bespoke home is absolutely tantalising. I’m forever picking up bits of junk from car boot sales or tips and storing them in the workshop with the intention of ‘upcycling‘ them at my leisure. That’s why, when I received the email, I jumped at the opportunity to join the project.

Richard and Sienna are a young couple who are very much in love with their property.

An ugly duckling of a property, they find charm and beauty in the smallest corners of their 2-bed terraced home. Needless to say, the wishlist that they have compiled for the property is huge. Thankfully, only a small portion of it pertains to my skills as a carpenter. The partially gutted kitchen is a perfect opportunity for building a new breakfast bar. The battered staircase is just aching to be re-varnished and decorated. When they found damp in the walls, it was just a ‘sign’ that they needed to knock through it. And when they discovered that all the window frames were rotted through – they simply asked me to replace them.

Unfortunately, I don’t do windows. Thankfully I know a local firm who specialise in such things.

Allerton Windows (Visit website) are a window fitting firm that has managed to branch out into several different niches over the years. I first stumbled across their work online, an old customer had recently had an orangery built by them and I was impressed with the results. After working with them on a couple of design jobs, they’re now my go-to window guys and I couldn’t be happier to be working with them once more.

The house is a 30-mile drive away, so it looks like I’ll be needing to be set my alarm clock a little earlier than usual.

Let’s hope my old car’s up for it!